Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby it's hot outside

One of the benefits of being female is being able to wear very little in the hottest months and still look somewhat professional.  I work in a mostly business casual atmosphere, but even that requires long pants and a button down or polo for men. We girls, on the other hand, just need to keep the cleavage covered and hemlines near the knee and we are good to go. 

Enter Vogue 8784- View B.  This little slip of summertime awesomeness is my hands down favorite thing to put on when it's broiling outside. It's a true wrap dress. It is particularly flattering for us smaller busted girls because the stitched down pleats in the bodice open up to  add a little umph where it is most useful. More endowed sewers may have to adjust this pattern for cleavage control. I also love the 3 piece bodice back, which makes it easy to adjust for my narrow back. 

Here's a close up:

The straight skirt version has a subtle trumpet shape with well placed pleats that suggest more of a waist than there may actually be. 

This fabric is a light weight, no wrinkle poly/rayon blend and I self-lined the bodice. It is my favorite version of the pattern. I also made it in linen, and used a narrow bias facing for the neck edge and armholes instead of lining the bodice. Future versions will have the 3/4 sleeves for fall, and probably the collar- maybe navy/white polka dot...

Some people don't like making the same thing over and over. I love the challenge of a new pattern, but I also a good ol' basic that fits well and looks great. 

There's some slipcovering going on in the sewing room right now. Which means upholstery weight fabric, which means a little swearing. Results to be posted soon.

LATE BREAKING NEWS!! OMG! I just received an email from Pattern Review telling me that I am the featured reviewer today. 
Well holy mother of pearl- what a cool surprise. Obviously that is a random selection process, but I still feel pretty special.  Thanks Pattern Review- for the "honor" and also for the 20% discount!


  1. Such a delightfully gorgeous dress, so apropos for the summer.

  2. It's just lovely - very Diane von F, only without the stretch fabric! I'm with you - when I find a pattern I like and that fits me well, I don't hesitate to make it again and again!

  3. what a beautiful dress, Pam! I have the pattern but have not made it thinking it might be too full on me but you have proven otherwise. Love it on you!