Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yes, Mother.

When my mom asked a few months back if I would slipcover two parsons chairs for her, I obviously replied "sure!"  I mean she did give birth to me, and teach me to sew,  so a couple of slipcovers really wasn't too much to ask.

I've covered many a parson's chair in my day. Many. In fact, when it comes to home dec sewing, they are just about as simple as it gets. So, yep, no problem...until she dropped off the fabric.

Chenille upholstery fabric. Ugh. It's fine for pillows, but for slipcovers, I'm not a fan.

Pinning was a breeze because the heavy weight of the material doesn't slip and slide too much.


I usually pin slipcovers wrong side out, but since I wanted to make sure I had the flower design placement just right, and because I would be making a pattern for the second slipcover from these pieces, I pinned this one right side out.

My machine was a trooper and handled the cording like a champ. But when it came time to attach the skirt and  I tried to shove eight layers of that sh#* under the presser foot, it was not a happy camper.

We had a little wine and worked our way through it slowly. I ended up having to hand sew the corner flaps on the skirt,  but there were ONLY EIGHT of them, so it wasn't too bad.

Here's one of the finished chairs. 

My mom is thrilled with her "new" chairs, and they look fabulous in her dining room.
I gave my  machine a good cleaning and a nice little rest after the ordeal of sewing them and I'm pretty sure all is forgiven. 

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