Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get Thee to IKEA

After a heroic beginning there has been a startling dearth of activity here on the old blog. It's not for lack of sewing, but just for lack of sewing clothing. I decided to change paths and resume a prior career in home decor sewing late in 2013 and have been busy getting things off the ground, which left little time or interest for sewing for myself. Plus, this relentless winter weather is seriously uninspiring.

Maybe a little sunless tanner and a new beach bag will pull me back from the brink... 

Here's a little striped rug I picked up on a recent trip to IKEA- knowing that I would never actually use it on the floor.

but it made the cutest beach tote! 

The rug dimensions are roughly 24"x36" and it cost $4.99. I simply folded it in half and stitched up the side seams, then stitched a 7" seam across the bottom corner for the base. The fringed short ends turn over to make a little tasseled edge. I wanted the trim edge to be continuous so I made bound openings for the straps- which are made from 4" wide strips of heavy canvas. The raw edges tuck under the stitched down fold so they don't show. I think cotton rope handles would be adorable, but I didn't happen to have any on hand.

To make the base a little sturdier, cover a piece of super heavy Timtex with some canvas and stick it in the bottom. 

Finished dimensions are 15" wide x 12" high x 7" deep.

Here are a few other storage items that I've been stitching up lately:

Chevron bin

Canvas laundry basket

I hope to be back soon with something to wear!

I'm chronicling (is that a word?) my home dec work HERE.

Thanks for stopping by!