Sunday, June 9, 2013


Took a  short sewing hiatus to paint & redecorate our guest room. It's a little jewel now and I can't wait for it's first guests. 

What ignites that spark? The first little ember of an idea of what a future garment (or pillow, or curtain) will look like? For me, it is almost always is an image,  usually from Pinterest or a catalog, that gets my imagination started. 

For an upcoming casual wedding at a winery, I thought a maxi skirt ala Sheridan French might be just the thing. 

Deciding on the skirt pattern was easy, since I like everything about this one. 

I found a navy & cream tropical print  challis, that-in my mind- looks smashing sewn up into this skirt. 

To offset the maxi skirt, my top needs to be a little bit bare, but not so bare that I would embarrass my  adult children.  I'm picturing a really simple halter top in cream,  with a ribbon or self fabric tie at the neck. It sounds  simple, maybe too simple because if there's a pattern for this type of top, I can't find it. So I guess Mrs. Dress Form and I are gonna take a stab at it- Project Runway style.  

Let's hope I have better success with my imagination in the sewing room than I do in the kitchen. Details to follow.

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