Saturday, June 15, 2013

Before and After

The slipcovered dining room chair I had been using for sewing left alot to be desired. It was clunky, heavy and didn't have wheels,  because dining room chairs don't typically have wheels. 

During my latest lament about that "damn sewing chair", I learned that my husband was in possession of some old office chairs (Huh?). "They're pretty gross, but you can take a look if you want..." 

Yep, that's pretty gross. There was even a little spot of bird poop on the back. But it has wheels!, and it swivels! and the seat is adjustable! and this is what it looked like less than an hour later...

LOVE HER!!! She's lightweight, comfy, she rolls and swivels, and now she is CUTE!! Swivel to the right, cutting table & mirror, swivel to the left, ironing board & dress form. And the best, best, best part is, she was totally FREE!!! The fabric is leftover cheapo home dec weight stuff from Hancocks that I bought ages ago to make little zippered cosmetic bags-finally put to good use. 

My skirt and top are making good process. Just a few more details to be worked out and I'll be ready to reveal. My new chair has made ALL the difference 


  1. What a transition! Love the polka dots...

  2. That is so cute -- and you did it so fast! I tend to ruminate on things way too long.